Another announcement and stuff

I’ve been fiddling around with this site (again), in the hope that it will make things better all round.  I’ve also made another word press account specifically for everything relating to my Rainbow Warriors army.  With an ongoing story and my WIP reports, I felt that it would be easier that way.  The link to that account is:

Hope you like it.  It doesn’t mean that I’ll be abandoning this one.  If anything, I hope that it means that I’ll be actually posting more than apologetic posts lamenting nothing to post…or something o_O

In any case, I think I might finally be onto something ^_^






Petracco unbound

Hello, I’m gratified that I finally have something to post other than an apology.  I was going to post this on B+C, but due to it’s marginal content (as in, it doesn’t have Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Chaos or Sisters of Battle etc), I figured that the best way of “publishing” it would be here.

After all, this is what this WP account is for right?

Anyway, here is the first part.  How often I’ll add parts is up in the air at the moment, but keep an eye out yeah?

If you have any comments, or opinions on this story, I would love to hear from you ^_^ but please, if you could leave your comments etc in the comments section on the main page than on this page, just so that the flow of the story is left interupted.

Thank you ^_^

Petracco unbound – A story of the Steel Wing home world

The vessel made its final approach, banking lazily in answer to the planets’ gravitational pull.  Forces that would tear smaller ships apart were as nothing to this behemoth.  Its target was ugly, stained a dull ochre from centuries of mining.  Large dust storms to the north harried the Hive built into the mountainside.   With a modicum of contempt, the ship refused to allow itself to fall in, the forces of the universe nothing more than an inconvenience.  Powerful engines whined, slowing its descent, trajectory monitored by its crew.  The ship was more than a kilometre long, its hull shaped like a splintered javelin.  Dark and brooding in the shade of the planet, its purpose was mundane, collecting the raw materials plundered from far below.

The bridge was dimly lit, the occupants hardly requiring such luxuries as illumination and warmth.  It was circular, in the manner of an amphitheatre and almost as large.  Rows and rows of cogitator banks steeped further and further away from the centre, each given to a servitor, their chatter a cacophonous squeal of machine code and other arcane utterances.  To one side, a bubble of adamantium  and forcefields held an ethereal figure in check.  That wisp of a woman, with the touch of the mutant, a stable mutant blessed by Him on Earth to be sure, but a mutant nevertheless, closed her third eye, shutting out what ought not to be seen.  The empyrean and possibly beyond.  Her impossibly thin frame shuddered, a terrible, unknowable breeze flittered across her soul.

Turning her attention to the command chair in the centre of this cavernous room, the woman  had managed to activate the comm rune, her real eyes shrunken and useless.

“Lord Captain.  We have succeeded.” she warbled, her voice distorted by the ancient vox unit.

“Indeed.” the Lord Captain did not attempt to hide the sarcasm in his voice.  A man of few words, his utterance chilled the Navigator to the bone.  The long journey through warp space had been fraught with peril, the hull of the ship already marked with damage from previous trips.

“I apologise for my error, Lord Captain,” she continued, “It will not happen again.”

“It shall not.” the Lord Captain replied tersely. “Lieutenant.  Remove her from the capsule.”

The words sunk in, and Navigator first class Elen knew what fate had in store for her.

She hoped it would be quick.

Ignoring the removal of the mutant from his bridge, the Lord Captain turned his baleful eyes to the hol screen.  The image of the ships destination flickered.  A world owned by the Adeptus Mechanicus, one that was polluted beyond belief, poisonous clouds, dense with waste chemicals, sunk to the planets’ surface.  The natives, a dour and taciturn people, were split, taking refuge in the titanic structures that cling to the various mountain ranges that rise high above the noxious clouds below.  Those structures were originally built for the nobility.  To look down on those they ruled.  No longer, for there have been no noble families on that planet for over a millennia.

The Adeptus Mechanicus ruled here.  The Omnissiah was worshipped, adored, although there was a grudging nod to Him on Earth too.  Quotas were maintained with an inhuman rigidity, failure was not an option.  Logic was the maxim, emotion the pariah.  Hard work was rewarded with more hard work.

Laziness was met with death.

Welcome to Petracco.

Yet another change…

I might change it yet again :/ as I still haven’t decided on a look.  Hopefully will have another instalment of Petracco unbound soon too.

Steel Wings take on the Death Wing…and win.

It was a day of firsts.  My first proper game using the 6th Edition rules and my first game using my Steel Wings DIY Space Marine Chapter.

For the battle report, follow this link ^_^

A new look

You might notice that I have changed the theme of this blog, and whilst it’s closer to how I would like it, there are still things I want to change, so it may change yet again.  I’m still getting used to using Word Press, so please bear with me ^_^

A post that’s something other than random thoughts…

Finally, I have something that approaches what I aimed to do with this page.  Like a lot of material I have on Bolter and Chainsword, it will be on going, and just like the stuff on B+C, I have the intention of updating regularly, but reality is far different.

Any feedback, comments or dare I say, praise are most welcome, but if readers could leave them on the comments page so that the story has no interuptions and easier for the reader to follow.

Thank you ^_^

Well, this is embarrassing…

Having been all psyked up for having my very own wordpress account, and I promptly forget I even have one!  Now that I remember, I will think about what I will actually put in it.  I was going to put various things in it, but I think that this one will just be 40k related.  If I ever get anything written that isn’t GW/40 related I’ll create a second one.

Until I actually have anything to put in here, I’ll just ramble (I’m good at that)

My aims for 2013

Get at least one army finished.  Preferably my Steel Wing or Rainbow Warrior ones.  My Bahltimyr Reaver and Angels of Salvation armies to follow, Eldar last.  My Amber Dragon is a low priority to be honest.  To paint either the Living Saint and/or the Canoness models for my DIY SoB army (to get it started…)

To write an update for my B+C stories at least once a fortnight on a regular rotation.

To write a short story about the Rainbow Warriors (unrelated to the one I have on B+C) to pitch to GW/BL.  I’m not sure how likely it’ll pan out (as in I’m skeptical they’ll be interested, but who knows).

To actually get at least a couple of games with the aforementioned completed armies.

To finish my part of the Liber Astartes project.

To try to ensure that I attend this years Ultrameet (should one occur), and to even plan ahead and attend Golden Daemon/Games day this year.

I did have other things I want to accomplish, but as usual, I’ve forgotten what they were.

In any case, I’ll be aiming to be a lot more organised this year too.

The first blog is always the hardest…

And it is.  Really.  My first blog ever took hours to work out, as I went back and forth guessing and over guessing what people might find interesting, and desperately trying to ensure that it was.


Once I had posted, it was far easier – I came to the conclusion that I should post what I want.  If people find what I have posted interesting, then it’s a bonus….

One of the objects of this blog, is to have a place to be able to write about anything.  Up until recently, the fora I write on, have a specific remit (which is fair enough), and I’ve enjoyed every minute writing stuff that meets the criteria of said sites.  But I’ve been wanting to write about a whole lot more, and decided that whilst I’ll still be writing on said Fora, I’ll be writing a lot more on here.


It’s both invigorating and daunting at the same time, but I want to stretch out my wings and fly.  Lets see how far I can go….

A wider scope, an infinite horizon….

This blog is the result of a lifetime trying to make words submit to my will.  The struggle is on going, but there are some days where if I squint a lot, it almost looks as if I’m winning.
The objective of this blog is to enable  me to write about a wide range of stuff, keep it all together and not feel constrained by anybody else’s viewpoint.  At the top of each blog I’ll leave some indication of what the rest of it is about so that should anybody read this blog, they can choose to read it or ignore it.


See you out….there!